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Mei Tamazawa is an award-winning 3D and CG artist based in Japan. After working for large companies such as Yahoo! and Amazon in Japan, she branched into her own artistic practice, creating mesmerising flowers and environments in 3D. Heavily inspired by nature, but also a huge fan of Star Wars, the artist primarily creates surreal-looking flowers that have a magical quality. Since 2017, Mei has been a freelance artist and has worked on the visuals for some of the largest music festivals, such as Rock in Japan Festival and Countdown Festival.

Mei Tamazawa has already exhibited in public spaces, such as in international airports in three major cities in China, in partnership with JCDecaux. Mei has been selected as one of the Top 100 Motion Designers in Japan, and in 2022, she created her own studio, Generative Art Studio.


Mei Tamazawa

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