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Yves Peitzner is an award-winning multidisciplinary designer and founding partner of Studio TISH. He considers that “the conception of experience must always begin with an understanding of people’s intentions.” His work is guided by emerging technology, emotion, data and design. It creates multi-sensory experiences for the environment/human communication era.

After graduating from the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in the UK, Yves has spent over a decade working with the world’s most innovative brands and advertising agencies to design and deliver viral campaigns and recent experiences that fuse art, technology and architecture. He became Creative Director and developed numerous projects for brands in the automotive, luxury, beauty, technology and hospitality categories, including BMW, Instagram, Hewlett Packard, Hyatt Hotels and Dornbracht, etc. His work today explores new forms of storytelling through immersive media and interactive installations at the intersection of art, technology and emotions ; creating new modes of communication between our digital and physical worlds.


Yves Peitzner