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Pola Rubis is the CEO of Neosutras, a curator, movement designer, a multidisciplinary phygital artist-innovator with a Master’s in Art. She is a pioneer of visionary healing art, representing the Asian & USA community. She has also been an NFTNYC speaker, SuperRare featured artist, Black Dove resident artist, wellness advocate, and is an author focusing on progressive conscious art, mental and physical health education, Crypto-ART and integration of the latest world technology such as: 3D, VR, AR, and volumetric tech.

Pola is WEB2 & WEB3 bridge builder that is making a shift in crypto and traditional art culture. Her work has been featured all over the world at art fairs such as: NFT NYC, LA ART Show, Liverpool London, NFT Paris, CADAF ( Paris, NYC ), Art Basel ( Miami ), NFT Asia Bali, Singapore, Futurist Conference Canada, Art Crush World Tour Paris, Project22 ( Dubai ), Nematic Gallery featured artist ( Carmel By The Sea ), BREATHE Convention 2023( Las Vegas ), TEZOS Foundation and more. Her collectors are legendary artist Coldy producer Katerina Gecmen-Waldeck, CEO of premium NFT platform Makers Place - Craig Palmer. Pola was always interested in subjects of human potential and spirituality learning from masters such as: Bob Proctor and Anthony Robbins. Her friend and photography mentor was a world-known photographer Gueorgui Pinkhassov ( Magnum France ).