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Mark Mawson is an advertiser, art photographer and director based in London. He specializes in shooting liquids. His colorful series, "Aqueous" is famous and is present in many private collections. The "Aqueous" video work produced in 2012 was also projected on the walls of Buckingham Palace as a backdrop for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert.

Mark has always wanted to be a photographer, at least since he was thirteen. After high school, he studied photography in Sheffield, England. He worked for newspapers for about eight years before he started working for magazines and specialized in fashion and portrait… Later, he finally became the artist he really wanted to be. His work is entirely photographic. His tools are mainly cameras, lights, liquids and computer editing software. His main sources of inspiration are colors and textures. The colors because their harmonious blend makes possible an unprecedented aesthetic experience. Textures, because those of liquids give off a feeling of softness, especially by the way they are the condition for liquids to mingle and blend together.


Mark Mawson