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Diana Lynn VanderMeulen is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Her practice is fluid between analogue and digital mediums with a focus on extended reality and cyclical material use as she develops expansive, multisensory environments. Through an artist creation residency at Société des arts technologiques (Montreal) Diana was granted the time and tools to adapt ongoing project, A Boundless and Radiant Aura, into an immersive audio visual performance alongside collaborator Stefana Fratila. The final show entitled “I want to leave this Earth behind” was formatted specifically to the Satosphere’s immersive 360-degree projectors and multi-channel sound system. A Boundless and Radiant Aura premiered as a multimodal Extended Reality with Debaser at SAW Gallery in Ottawa, and with Toutoune Gallery in Toronto. Other recent works include a solo hybrid physical-virtual exhibition Shimmer of a Petal, Now a mountain Stream, with Sky Fine Foods & ArtGate VR, and self released Augmented-Reality application Swampy GoGo which extends digital realities from a series of 2D mixed media landscapes.

Alongside a collaborative representation with Sky Fine Foods, VanderMeulen has been involved in many public and DIY ventures. She has shown at The AGO, The Canadian Embassy (Tokyo, Japan), CADAF Paris, Constellations Festival Metz, The Gardiner Museum, and Idea Exchange.


Diana Lynn VanderMeulen