Serial Cut, founded in 1999 and directed by Sergio del Puerto, is a studio specialising in creativity and art direction. They create iconic images, animations and extended realities using digital, physical, virtual or AI techniques. The studio operates on a global scale, primarily in advertising as well as several cultural fields. Their core objective is to provide robust solutions within creative and art direction, consistently achieving outstanding results. They have worked on commissioned projects for clients such as Nike, Google, Adobe, Ray-Ban, Diesel, Givenchy and Toyota, among others.

Apart from commissioned works, the studio is also developing its artistic creativity through artistic and personal projects by Sergio del Puerto. Using CGI and AI to create projects which could not be achieved through physical techniques, they create a range of experiences, from virtual reality to augmented reality. Sergio del Puerto’: As creative director of a studio like mine, the most important feel is feeling proud of working with a brilliant team, surpass client’s expectations and being part of making something iconic for the design community, no matter if it’s commercial or not’. 


Serial Cut

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