Jason Ting is a new media artist based in New Haven, Connecticut. Today, his artistic practice focuses on the principle of "daily sketches", that is to say the creation of short digital animations using code. For his sketches, he sometimes spends up to a week exploring a theme or technique. Thanks to this, he has developed a fine understanding of multiple tools and techniques, as well as the visual language that accompanies them. His recent works mainly explore the interaction between form, color and movement. In his work, he is also largely inspired by human movement, forces found in nature, geometric patterns and light. He uses a wide variety of creative coding tools to create abstract and animated visuals. For instance, he recently used TouchDesigner and GLSL shaders.

Jason Ting is mainly exposed in the United States (with one exception, during the Freen iDeal at the Politecnico di Torino in Italy), and has already been exhibited with Stephen Grossman and Linda Lindroth. As for his training, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of California at San Diego.


Jason Ting

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