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Boris Marinin is both an artist and a curator based in Vienna, Austria. His artistic approach is mainly influenced by self-learning and psychoanalytical analysis. In his art, he tries to capture the essence of nature using amorphous shapes, which are not necessarily related to the material world we know. With his analytical art, the artist takes us on a journey where we are exposed to the movement of nature, extinction and opportunities while discovering personal interpretations of the link between an artist and an object in order to show us beyond our dimension.

In his video art, Boris aspires to make the video shooting process non-rational and non narrative, a kind of trance where it is the camera that guides him and not the other way around. He never knows in advance what he’s going to film. His main source of inspiration is French psychoanalysis, mainly the work of Jacques Lacan, but also object-oriented ontology, animism, Black Metal and some artists. The artists who inspire him the most are Ed Atkins, Joseph Beuys or the abstract films of Stan Brakhage.


Boris Marinin