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Bård Ionson is an artist who exposes the distortions that exist between realities. By combining technique and forces of the world he captures the temporary spaces between the physical, electronic, digital and spiritual worlds. These strange visions come from an uncommon combination of tools and techniques such as artificial intelligence, GANs, VCRs, CRTs, oscilloscopes, lasers, scanners, photography, smart contracts, blockchains and sound. Ionson’s work is an uncommon collaboration between man and machine, with an output beyond the power of either alone. Here, the machine isn’t being used just as a tool for creation. Nor is it being used as a mere processing center for Ionson’s vision. Ionson, a pioneer of both crypto and generative art, uses his GAN-algorithms to help flesh out small universes across multiple mediums. The resulting multimedia experiments, spanning image and written word, are but a strange, ultra-expressive tango capitalizing on what AIs do best —generate— and what humans do: imagine.

Bård Ionson has participated in multiple shows and exhibitions internationally, including at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022, San Francisco, NFT Show Europe 2022, Next World Forum 2022, Riyadh, a projection onto a building façade in Brussels, and more. He is included in the book 'Crypto Art Begins', published by Rizzoli, and is in major digital art collections such as Museum of Crypto Art NY MOCA, Museum Of Crypto Art Paris MoCA, Museum Of Contemporary Digital Art MoCDA, and in a multitude of influential private collections.


Bård Ionson