Jaime de Los Rios is a digital artist who specialises in the design of algorithms and whose favorite theme is nature. This Spanish artist has always been closely interested in emerging behaviours that occur in the organic world as well as in the movements of systems. In his work, he therefore contemplates and analyses natural phenomena and applies the mathematics of nature to colour and movement. An artist and engineer by training, new technologies are his brushes. His work is expressed through programming, microprocessors, computers and even light. His works are shown on giant screens around the world as well as in international group exhibitions.

Jaime’s work resonates with our contemporary world. He does not try to solve problems by using technology but rather considers that we all live in the same modernity and that art helps us to explain it through nonsemantic knowledge. In 2007, he founded the laboratory ARTEKLAB – Art & Science, which constantly explores the intersection between these disciplines and promotes collaboration between artists and scientists. He is also responsible for the BEEP collection of electronic art, which is one of the world’s largest digital art collections.



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