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Perry Cooper is a British 3D artist now based in the United States. Perry grew up in London with a strong interest in art, design and technology. He took courses at the University of Ravensbourne, where he obtained a basic degree in art and design, and at the Surrey Institute (now the University of Creative Arts), where he graduated. These experiments have allowed Perry to develop his taste for the combination of 3D, interactive technology and storytelling. His final work (an interactive documentary combining 3D and video) was selected for the International New Media Prize at the Poitiers Film Festival. Perry has been working in digital advertising since 2003, starting with the digital agency itraffic as a junior designer. At, he introduced Cinema4D into the design workflow, working closely with creative directors to realize their ideas. He was then appointed head of design for the marketing agency Archibald Ingall Stretton. In 2009, he co-founded The Confessional, a London-based digital production company. It works with agencies to create external online, social and digital campaigns around the world. Perry has worked with many leading clients, including Amazon, Armani, British Airways, Facebook, Ikea, Jaguar and Virgin Atlantic.

Perry began posting his personal 3D digital artwork on Instagram in 2016. It was mainly to stay active using Cinema4D, his favorite software, and try out new ideas or techniques. The followers' interest in Perry’s workflow led him to create a YouTube channel, sharing his knowledge and approach to creating his animations in a loop. Since 2020, Perry has been a creator and collector in the NFT art space. Its drops have been regularly sold on Nifty Gateway, Makersplace and other NFT marketplaces. Perry’s work often adds a whimsical touch to everyday objects and experiences. During the pandemic, Perry was inspired by home objects. This led to collections of works centered on objects such as suitcases, teapots and, after the birth of his daughter, bottles of baby milk.


Perry Cooper