Anthony Kyriazis, working under the artist name Onyro, is a 3D artist who has been working in digital culture since 1998. He started his career working in various design agencies, creating Flash websites for large brands such as Playstation Europe, EA and Empire Interactive. After years of working at leading agencies with major brands, the artist founded his own studio, Onyro Ltd in 2004, and quickly became an established interactive design studio pioneering highend interactive Flash websites and producing award winning work which has been featured in various publications including Taschen’s Web Design Studios 2.

As of January 2021, Onyro has been working as a freelance designer and digital artist, selling his artworks via various crypto art platforms. His artistic style today is instantly recognisable for its surrealistic depictions of otherworldly landscapes. In the artist's worlds, pastel coloured plants and sea life undulate in lush plains, capturing a suspended moment of magic where fantastical fauna and flora interact and thrive.



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