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Andrei Stan is a new media artist based in Bucharest, Romania. This multidisciplinary artist masters both the art of collage (digital, video and analog) as well as film-making, poetry and music. Among his favorite themes are the relationship between humanity and the Divine, as well as the evolution of human consciousness, subjects that he addresses through very diverse media. He also launched a musical project called Themma and an international collage sharing platform called Dreaming in Collages.

After completing his studies in politics and cinema (directing), Andrei decided to continue studying and trains himself in new media, drawing inspiration from the work of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Dali, Ernst, Caravaggio, etc. He draws his inspiration from his encounters as well as from landscapes, books, the work of other artists, the places he visits… In short, everything is subject to awakening one’s imagination and creativity. He firmly believes that inspiration is a state of mind. According to him, the more you learn to calm your mind, to open your heart and to let yourself go to spontaneity, the more chances you will have to create authentic and meaningful works.


Andrei Stan