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Víctor Arce (Barcelona, 1990) is an artist and educator who takes the retro-computer aesthetic, the accelerated visual culture of the last decade and the abstract and colorful nature of glitch-art as references for his graphic work. He is interested in the ethics of free software, the post-internet, DIY, interdisciplinary remixing, and the need to make artistic experimentation accessible to all. Arce's work stimulates nostalgia and emotions of the early Internet age, using pixelated shapes and recognizable icons as key elements of his works. The grainy effect gives a vintage feel. The artist also has fun mixing multiple layers to his work, hiding certain elements and graphics, creating a visual playground that the viewer immerses themselves in.

In his work as a graphic designer, Victor Arce has worked with important clients such as Apple, Nike or WeTransfer.

Artist photo by Bea Muñoz.


Victor Arce