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Supafray (aka Dan Cordie) is a self-taught Californian artist who specialized in abstract painting more than ten years ago, when he stumbled upon a tutorial about a new digital art style. He immediately took a passion for this new way of creating and invested all his artistic energy in it. His aesthetically abstract creations are used for clothing, album illustrations and visuals for musicians. His goal is to create a new piece every day.

His drawings combine the magic he finds in visible and invisible worlds, and his primary goal when creating is to be able to transcribe ideas and sensations that cannot be perceived in reality by default. Through a process of digital creation and abstraction, Supafray hopes to inspire and amaze. His sources of inspiration are numerous: the energy world, futurism, cyberpunk, nature, Burning Man, electronic music, Android Jones, but also thoughts and expressions of emotions, intuitions, space, the depths of the sea and entheogens. His work has already been exhibited at Pancakes & Booze (San Francisco and Oakland), Figment NYC (Brooklyn), Spectra Art Space (Denver) and Some Kina Art Show Thing (Oakland and Berkeley).