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Sulkian (Julián Sileiko) is a 30-year-old artist and graphic designer based in the city of Rosario, Argentina. With an academic journey that began in Architecture, his path led him through various institutions, workshops, and courses related to design and the arts. As his interest leaned towards the visual arts, his initially pictorial production began to give way to digital approaches, including animation and digital painting. In his work, Sulkian tackles disturbing perceptions of reality, where natural and urban landscapes collide and overlap with elements of popular culture, residual objects, territorial marks, religious symbologies, and raw nature. His intention is to create complex panoramas that open doors to magical and psychedelic dimensions, both digital and plastic, synthesizing the fragility of the limits that define dualities such as natural/artificial, organic/inorganic, object/trash, and real/unreal. His production is the constant search for a question, rooted in a deep unease, a discomfort that hides beneath a superficiality full of visual stimuli that overshadow what is truly happening. The result is landscapes laden with visual information that represent the artist's vision of life and the historical moment he is living in.

Sulkian uses new technologies such as 3D modeling, virtual reality, programming, and artificial intelligence to shape his vision. These tools, which have accompanied his generation that grew up among software, hardware, video games, and the internet, allow him to create from his own dimensions, entering a virtual world where he is an avatar sculpting in 3D with his own virtual hands. With these technologies, he can become infinitely tiny or extremely large, and inhabit and modify his works from different points of view. His achievements include participating in the Plein Air Art Residency in Csongrad, Hungary in 2017, and obtaining a Mention in a collective project presented at the call of the Second Fortnight of Art in 2019. In 2021, he was part of the annual contemporary art workshop "Taller Compartido" of the Crudo gallery in the city of Rosario, concluding with a group exhibition in the same gallery. His exploration of the NFT ecosystem and digital art culminated in a series of exhibitions in 2022, including Teia After Party in New York, Ethereum Latam in Buenos Aires, and Vibrant NFT in the Castagnino museum of Rosario. In 2023, Sulkian presented a virtual reality installation at the "Digital Camp" event in Rosario. In this project, he created an interactive world based on a generative project of landscapes, sculpted within the same virtual reality. Sulkian's work is constantly looking for ways to transcend virtual boundaries into physical spaces, and to find its home in new networks and communities that have emerged from technologies such as blockchain and NFTs.



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