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Stijn Orlans is a 3D artist and electromechanical engineer from Belgium. Stijn started working with 3D in 2016 and at the start of 2022, decided to quit my job as an engineer to pursue his own journey as a 3D generalist. Over the past few years, the artist has become known for his specialisation in colorful, surrealistic architecture set in dreamlike environments. Since, he has shifted his focus to a broader spectrum of styles and themes, combining his engineering and creative skills to create more technical and educational content.

Stijn has worked for numerous notable clients throughout the duration of his career, including Martin Garrix, Cirque du Soleil, Tom Scott, Adobe, ELLE Germany, Real Engineering, Gemini, Don Diablo, and more. He has also been active in the NFT community since 2021. This introduced a new perspective where 3D art is more widely accepted as a contemporary art form. Besides his commercial work, Stijn's goal is to help spread the message of digital art in all forms to give digital artists the appreciation they deserve.


Stijn Orlans

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