Ahmed Muntasir, known in the art world as "Ragenfection," is a visionary self-taught digital artist and art director currently based in Canada. With a strong passion for creative expression, Ahmed explores a wide array of mediums, including 3D artwork, AR, VR, photography, and filmmaking, to convey his profound thoughts and ideas. Driven by a fascination with subjects like physics, data science, astronomy, neuroscience, and behavioural science, Ahmed weaves the complexity of nature into his artworks. He marvels at the intricate connections and formations that exist within the natural world and seeks to capture its beauty in a surreal, sci-fi manner. Utilising Cinema 4D in combination with Redshift render, he brings to life vibrant and enchanting pieces that aim to evoke feelings of joy, serenity, and appreciation for the world around us.


Ragenfection's artworks have been showcased in prestigious exhibitions across the globe, including the US, UK, Italy, South Korea, and UAE. He has collaborated with popular Asian pop stars such as Caelan Moriarty and Duan Aojuan, along with renowned music labels like R&S Records and Ryce Entertainment. Moreover, Ahmed has partnered with the esteemed fashion brand shein.com and worked with pioneering corporations associated with web3, such as crypto.com and unstoppable domains. In his constant pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries and spreading happiness and tranquillity through his creations, Ragenfection continues to leave an indelible mark in the contemporary art world. With each piece, he invites viewers to embrace the beauty of the interconnected nature of the universe.



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