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Polina Bulgakova is a digital 3D artist. She has been specializing in product visualizations, vision boards and concept art, both static and in motion, since 2020. Raised in Siberia and living in Israel, she uses different cultures as both inspiration and examples of contrast in her works. Her experience in different artistic media, from graphite to oil paints, allows her to use a unique and unordinary approach to each project, finding the most optimized solutions. Working in a "surrealistic realism" style, the crux of her work is "limitlessness". Once the artist discovered 3D, she realized that real-life physics no longer had a place in her art - there was simply no need for it. Thus, Polina's work invites viewers to step out of the box and allow for the thought that everything is possible.

In her commissioned work, Polina uses the concept of "limitlessness" to increase a product's recognition and boost brand visibility. In addition to client-based projects, she has an NFT gallery where digital collectors can purchase one of her original artworks. Along with that, she sells her work via a limited edition fine art prints store.


Polina Bulgakova