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Jean-Michel Rolland is a French artist born in 1972. For a long time, he has been a musician and a painter, combining his two passions - sound and image - in digital arts since 2010. Through video art, generative art, audiovisual performances, and interactive installations, he questions temporality, the true fourth dimension inherent in moving images, as well as the duality between his two preferred mediums, sound and visual.

His formal research is guided by the desire to reveal the intrinsic nature of our perceptual environment and to twist it in order to create new realities in the world around us.

His works, always highly experimental, reflect the sometimes unexpected inner world of their author and yet enjoy significant international exposure.

Several of his works have been recognized for their originality by institutions such as the United Nations University (Dresden, Germany), Digital Graffiti in Miami (USA), Multimatograf (Russia), dokumentART (Germany and Poland), the University of North Carolina (USA), Festival do Minuto (Brazil), Artaq (France), ArchiShorts (Canada), and The International Video Art Review (Poland).


Jim Rolland