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Jakub Špaček is a Czech visual effects artist now based in London. Originally from Prague, he was initially a self-taught artist who quickly became interested in visual effects and developed a passion for design. He then decided to pursue studies in architecture, industrial design and interactive graphics. This is how he progressed as an independent artist and ended up settling in London where he still works today.

Jakub broadened his artistic perception and developed a deep passion for the simulation of abstract visions of real-world phenomena, focusing in particular on the smallest subtleties of form and movement. He explores how we can truly enjoy this vision by creating immersive, enjoyable and meditative content. Working on the notions of mystery and imagination are in his eyes the essential key to be able to produce amazing pieces of art. His creations are all the more surprising as Jakub works both with 3D to build his subjects and uses generative art to change their appearance, especially their color. His main sources of inspiration are nature, industrial and product design, architecture, the human body, the very concept of art and music.


Jakub Špaček