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Charles Giuluili is a French painter and digital artist trained as an engineer at the Ecole Centrale. He has been exhibiting and painting since 1979. When he left the C.N.R.S. Charles flew to the United States, where he remained for 7 years and was represented by the Schlumberger Gallery. During this period, the Centre National Georges Pompidou acquired two of his works. In 2003, he discovered digital art and began designing his first software called "The Endless Work". Since then, he has moved away from traditional painting to create generative works, interactive multimedia installations and digital prints. His other software are called "Painting Machine", "Small Mechanics", "Lines Without Calculation" and "Moving Universe", which are today his main creative tools.

To create his first creative programme "Paint Machine", Charles analysed his works on canvas. This programme allowed him to use a whole new artistic medium without moving away from his traditional creations, since it allowed him to create digital works similar to her paintings. Little by little, Charles’s creative approach has moved away from his original practice. His programs have allowed him to reinvent his artistic creation so that it becomes the fruit of mathematical calculations. He sees his art from his programme "The Unending Work" as a strange composition of structure and improvisation that he compares to Jazz, his creation echoing his own existence.


Charles Giulioli