Bora Aydıntuğ is an experimental visual artist born in the United Kingdom and originally from Turkey, currently living in the United States. He works mainly in the fields of creative coding and video art. The main theme of his works is nature, both in the sense of what surrounds us and in the sense of human nature. This is why much of his coding and video efforts revolve around fluid dynamics. He believes that the dynamics of fluids, if used wisely, has the power to invite us to look within ourselves but also around us, to better understand the relationship between our interiority and our exteriority and thus to experience a wide range of emotions.

Bora holds a Bachelor’s degree in film, video and interactive arts from Middlesex University in London, and a Master’s degree in film making from Bilgi University in Istanbul. After a few years of experimental video work, he also obtained an MPS in "Interactive Telecommunications" from the NYU/Tisch School of the Arts, which allowed him to develop and refine his coding and generative art practice.


Bora Aydıntuğ

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