Tinyrainboot is a digital artist specialised in AI and 3D. Through her practice, the artist views her life as an anthropological expedition, probing the existential and most crucial questions of human existence: why am i here? What does it mean to be human? Is this really all there is? She uses writing and art as means to elaborate upon these questions, with much of her work centering upon the present pivotal moment: never before have we been so connected, yet felt so lost.

The internet has been both friend and foe to the artist since her early teenage years, becoming irrevocably woven into her modes of expression and sense of self. For Tinyrainbooy, the internet is her diary; pages and scraps of who she was, and who she is, are scattered across its void. She creates not only as a compulsion, but also as a plea: is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me?



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