Svccy is a 2D and 3D digital artist whose passion for visual art began in 2016, when he first began creating images in Photoshop. His practice today takes its primary inspiration from the Vaporwave movement, which was born and developed online around 2011/2012, and is characterised by the use of nostalgic themes such as 80s and 90s computer operating systems and video game consoles, Roman busts, abandoned shopping malls, and elements of Japanese culture all seasoned with the use of purple and pink shades. Svccy's particular reinterpretation of this style tends towards the more obscure and introspective variant. His work reflects the human condition in today's society, often represented by faceless or covered statues, which symbolise the lack of identity of the individual, subjugated by technology and by an ultra-consumerist society.

Svccy has received numerous awards for his work, including the Work Culture Observatory Award at Connexion Festival in Rome, Winner of the Talent Varese solo exhibition, a Finalist of the XIV "Sergio Fedriani" Award, Finalist in the Varese Design Week Talent award, Finalist in the First Edition of the Artistic Competition organised by BVLGARI Accessories and COMONExT, and more. The artist is represented by Zanini Arte gallery, with whom he has exhibited at multiple art fairs. In 2023, Svccy was exhibited at W1 Curates in Oxford Street, London, in his show "DYSTOPIAN CONSTRUCTIONS", which explored the diversity of contemporary society's spectrum.



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