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Sanglim Han is a new media artist who was born in 1987 and grew up in Seoul, Korea. After high school, she studied at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology before radically reorienting herself. She then began to study art, from traditional fine arts to art and technology. After studying in Chicago and Los Angeles, she returned to Seoul where she now lives. She teaches new media, virtual reality and contemporary sculpture at several Korean universities. She also works as a creative director for media/virtual reality projects.

In his work, Sanglim is very interested in the question of body, relationship and intimacy. She likes to study the human form through instruments like the scanner, the MRI, the X-rays, the microscope... In short, she likes to study how our bodies are perceived through the prism of science and technology. The way these devices allow the body to be seen allows it to perceive it as a place where fragmented entities coexist, rather than a singular and healthy entity. It is the whole issue of his works that also annotate, unravel and intertwine the questions of the culturally mixed representation and the meaning of inter-connectivity.

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Sanglim Han

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