Sabrina Guechetouli is a motion designer and 3D artist from Algeria, known as Rank SSS. A graduate of a master’s degree in architecture and specializing in the bioclimatic field, she is also passionate about swimming. Inspired by blue and green, Sabrina is driven by her passion for space, nature and architecture. She combines these three elements to create strange, colorful and dreamlike surrealist universes that transcend the limits of our reality.

Sabrina’s life experience is closely linked to her art and has defined her artistic orientation. But what really shaped her skills and expression of art was the study of colours, perspectives, geometry, space and environment during her studies in architecture school. Thus, she manages to translate her thoughts into real experiences, which has given rise to a perfect connection between her passions and the boundaries between the virtual and the real. For more than 3 years, Sabrina has also been working on architectural and 3D design projects as part of the Maverivk box Studio project. She is also a professor at Skillshare.



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