Patty Madden is a digital creator, product designer, artist and art director. She began her career as an architectural interior designer. She has pioneered new technologies for art and design, while designing and developing decorative products. She studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design. She originally started creating 3D animations to promote her products and enjoyed doing that so much that she wanted to pursue 3D animation as an art form. She often uses her pattern designs in her "Fantasy Room and Outdoor Garden" animations using unique applications. Loving patterns, she has designed thousands of them.

Patty uses 3D animation to create a surrealistic environment for her art that elevates the viewer to an other worldly environment that straddles the line between fantasy and reality. While focusing the attention of how the work is presented she attempts to interpret the emotions and sensibilities of the viewer, while projecting her own feelings through fluid motion. “A world in turmoil motivates me to find a way to escape into the deep sanctuaries of my mind, allowing only beauty and peacefulness to prevail as the motion becomes grounding.” - Patty Madden.


Patty Madden

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