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Known as Parse/Error, Fabien Bouchard is a French artist based in Marseille. Self-taught, his work is born from the encounter between art, design and technology and focuses on the interaction between man and nature, in a world invaded by the digital and new uses of communication. Trained in science and computer science, he uses new technologies and science to question current issues from different angles, at the border between several creative universes.

After studying biology, then new information technologies and professional experiences in the world of the web, For 10 years, he has observed contemporary creativity and new forms of expression by creating and publishing the UFUNK web magazine. He now structures his work around the Parse/Error entity, in order to propose concrete projects focused on the issues that are important to him. While seeking to recreate emotions from the increasingly ubiquitous data streams, it oscillates at the interface between technology and human sensitivity. Driven by a quirky look, her artistic practice openly mixes digital and generative art, 3D printing, connected objects, wood, painting, street-art, electronics, light, immersive installations and real-time data. His work has received a very positive reception through many articles (Usbek & Rica, L'ADN, Hypebeast, DesignBoom, Mashable, Inhabitat, Journal du Design, etc.), and has been exhibited in Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Hamburg, New York or Manchester.


Parse / Error