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Born and living in Paris, Nicolas Monterrat is a creator of GIFs at the crossroads of humour, rhythm, aesthetics and poetry. Passionate about animation since always, this image format allows him to tinker at home with quirky little stories, to explore surreal and iconoclastic worlds. According to him, the interest of the GIF lies in the fact that it allows to approach the perfect loop, to tell a story in a few seconds. Everything is in the rhythm and quality of the sequences.

Nicolas will draw his imagination from scientific or popular images of another time. He likes their formal side, a bit rigid, applied, sometimes too serious. This makes him want to distract them from their original purpose, to bring them a little fantasy, humour or titillate the imagination. He is also inspired a lot by the work of Terry Gilliam in the Monty Python for example, that of Nick Park, creator of Wallace and Gromit, Hombre_McSteez and his so creative animations, and in a completely different genre, the amazing work of Georges Rousse or Felice Varini and the brilliant Philippe Halsman. These artists propose staggered, parallel, funny and sometimes disturbing worlds, an atmosphere that is clearly found in Nicolas' work.


Nicolas Monterrat