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After graduating from HEAD-Geneva in 2019, Loïc has been pursuing an exclusively digital art practice. He creates poetic worlds suggesting emptiness and inviting contemplation. Loïc proposes an approach that questions the relationship to materials and environments while infusing his various influences related to the history of art and popular culture. From American modernists from "Palm Springs" to "2001 the Space Odyssey" to Marfa’s minimalists, his inspirations are multiple and overlap.

All of Loïc’s works are based on a principle of direction, either from surrealist elements or from suggestions of human presence through the furniture. Loïc is influenced by Barjavel's novels where two beings are linked through time and space, but also by science fiction and all the imagination and dreams that flow from it. He invites the spectator to tell his own story, to imagine a world around his proposal and to let himself be transported in this space he created.


Loïc Freudiger