Linda Dounia is an experimental artist, designer, writer, and curator who investigates the philosophical implications of techno-capitalism and its role in furthering systems of inequity. Her practice is an active process for decolonizing her mind and untangling herself from the fragmented and exclusionary narratives that are associated with her identity by imagining alternative realities and futures. She is inspired by science fiction and speculative design. Her work mediates alternative truths and excluded ways of being and doing. It is formed in the liminal space between the immaterial and the material through the combination of analogue and digital mediums – acrylic, ink, pastels, markers, scanners, vector, video, GANs, generative AI, code, and a range of materials not intended for art making.

Her work has been exhibited at Christie’s, Larsen Warner Gallery, Unit London, Art X Lagos, Partcours, Art Basel (Basel, Miami), The Dakar Biennale, Artsy NFT, Digital Art Fair Asia, and Art Dubai.


Linda Dounia

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