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Johana Kroft is a 3D artist from the Czech Republic, currently based in New York. After living in London, traveling around the world, and establishing an art studio, Idea & Maker, she works worldwide. The most important thing the artist is to communicate deep emotions through her artwork, and thanks to the digital medium, keep her art alive forever. She interprets her colorful aesthetic in 3D worlds, using various styles and techniques. She loves to combine different shapes, colors, and surreal spaces into one frame where she tells a story. More recently, she has started to work with AI software as a part of her process for inspiration.

Johana's biggest successes include two exhibitions in China, art installations in NFT NYC, Decentral Art Pavilion Venice Biennale, Women and NFT, Show by Paris Hilton - Empowered By Paris - Sevens Foundation, and Czech Design Week 2021, 2022 exposition, ArtGee x SuperRare Spaces Exhibition | Randomness and her illustration for New York Times.


Johana Kroft