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Irina Angles is a Ukrainian dancer, choreographer, and multidisciplinary artist currently based in Paris. Born in the small mining town of Donetsk, she defines herself as a self-taught artist. She navigates between contemporary and urban dance scenes. Having taken contemporary and modern dance courses, she is also influenced by hip-hop, funk, and vogue culture. As a choreographer and performer, she is interested in the forms surrounding her and those she can create with her own body, exploring the relationship between modern architecture, interior design, exterior forms, and geometric movement. She has won prizes at various battles and competitions; was a participant and judge of different festivals worldwide; performed at different shows and exhibitions (“BAUHAUS-100”, MoCA); taught a "Geometry in our bodies" course; was invited as a speaker on TEDx; collaborated with various brands such as Harper’s Bazaar, Pandora jewelry, and more.

Irina is fascinated by the relationship between video and dance and looking for ways to create a dialogue between cutting-edge technologies (AR, VR, AI), digital arts, and the human through movement. This dialogue enriches her dance practice. Through the intense creativity she seeks through various collaborations with other artists, she pushes the limits of the definition of dance and the form it can take, visually and conceptually.mHer artworks are presented and exhibited worldwide: VR project “THETA” at the “NOOR light festival KSA, 2022; Short dance film “In the middle of Nowhere” at Pompidou Art Center as a part of The “Hors Pistes” festival 2022; short dance film with projection mapping “ID” at the “Future Summit” 2020, Shanghai; and many other events and exhibitions in Los Angeles, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, NY, Brussels, Lisbon....


Irina Angles

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