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Hanne-Lizé Delport, born and based in South Africa, is an artist who loves to build immersive worlds. She studied visual arts and began her practice by creating stop-frame animations. Her works have been exhibited throughout South Africa and Europe. In 2010, Hanne-Lizé began working as a professional in the film industry, painting or sculpting parts of film and advertising sets. In 2018, she began building virtual reality worlds.

Hanne-Lizé's work is nature-inspired and she loves to bring the essence of real-world characteristics into the fantastic worlds she builds. Some of the virtual reality landscapes she created were exhibited across the United States, including at the CES 2022 convention in Las Vegas, where she created an award-winning VR creation. Other virtual reality pieces she worked on were featured in Forbes, exhibited at Burning Man, and presented at conferences on technology across America. Currently, the artist still creates virtual reality worlds, but she also constructs and renders worlds for current visualization platforms.

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