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Gavin Shapiro is a digital artist whose approach consists in producing works that make the viewer smile. He focuses primarily on playful conceptual works that explore how we can use digital tools to confront our expectations of what is possible in a traditionally physical art world. His works are created at the intersection of mathematics, surrealist architecture, psychology and animal analysis.

Gavin began his career as an animated graphic designer in 2009 and has since lived in New York, Osaka and Paris, working on a wide variety of projects, including motion design art animations but also television shows, advertisements, outdoor displays or large-format stage visuals. His personal works, published under the name "Shapiro500", have been used as visuals at music festivals and concerts around the world, and have been displayed on giant screens in art exhibitions in New York, Paris and Tokyo. Shapiro’s animations have garnered hundreds of millions of views on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Giphy.


Gavin Shapiro