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A doctor by training, Farid Rasulov suddenly became involved in the visual arts after his graduation from university, to the great surprise of his friends and family and made great strides in a relatively short period of time. He originally trained to be a doctor at the Azerbaijan State Medical University (2006), but since becoming an artist and working intensively he has represented Azerbaijan at the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009. Rasulov is active across a wide range of artistic media – large scale paintings, installations, 3D graphics, animation and sculpture. His works are usually intellectually provocative. Not accidentally, this conceptual artist stubbornly denies charges of his art being multi-layered and profound. He insists that he has meant absolutely nothing, that he simply replicated the commonplace things that he saw around him.

Rasulov's work has been exhibited in both solo and group shows internationally, in Germany, Turkey, Russia, France, the USA and his home country of Aizerbaijan.


Farid Rasulov