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Ali Phi is a new media artist born in Tehran in 1987. A digital artist, musician and creative technologist, he has a background in environmental engineering sciences and experimental film arts. His experiences in media arts began with audiovisual performances with the Elemaun project in 2008. Since then, he has worked on programming, generative audiovisual design, interactive media and immersive installations. His art depicts the relationship between geometry, science, light and poetry ; and his creations include motifs from ancient Persia, the forgotten essence of Iran and the Middle East way of life. Ali Phi has indeed relied on the exploration of rituals and the roots of this culture in art and architecture to build his futuristic utopia.

He is the founder of “NULLSIGHT”, a media art collective and design studio in Tehran, and independent curator of the “TADAEX” festival since 2014. He has directed and exhibited works at international festivals such as Ars Electronica, Mutek, Tasmeem Doha, Patchlab, Tadaex and the Biennial of Architecture in Tehran, as well as at several exhibitions in Iran, Canada, Austria, Germany, Poland, in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.


Ali Phi

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