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Alexander Abramov is a computer scientist. His profession gives him the opportunity to work in different configurations, with different technologies and spaces around the world. At the moment, he works as an artistic director in one of the best multimedia studios in Russia. As a member of the studio, he is involved in commercial and creative projects, some of which have won awards, such as the European Designed Award and the SEDG 2020 Honor Award. At the same time, he also works as an independent artist and, in recent years, has taken a keen interest in digital art. He enjoys exploring form, colour, dynamics and conveying his feeling and understanding of the world around him through digital metaphors. He uses a variety of software and is particularly fond of particle and tissue simulation experiments.

Alexander works with abstraction and more figurative images, but always tries to bring them something new. Music, architecture and nature are his sources of inspiration. He loves to travel the world and then transform his impressions and emotions into digital art. His work as an artist is well known, and he participated in several Moscow exhibitions such as Nizhny Novgorod.


Alexander Abramov

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