Alex Glocknitzer (b.1994) is an AI artist and an executive at an IT company based in Romania. Always fascinated by the latest technological developments, his artistic journey began in July 2023, when the evolutions of what AI could do in the creative realm captured his attention. Passionate about coding, over the past year he has developed an expertise in Video-To-Video creations but also Image-To-Video using multiple workflows and tools such as A1111, Deforum, WarpFusion and primarily ComfyUI.

Alex's latest passion is floral art, combining videos of elegant choreographies with the forms of flowers, butterflies and other natural elements. Through his mastery of various AI tools, his aim is to explore their capabilities and limits, with the goal of creating visually captivating animations that question the ever-complicated relationships between technology, nature and humans.


Alex Glocknitzer

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