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Tala Schlossberg is a video artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her experimental video work focuses on the intersection of the physical and the digital with an emphasis on capturing the beauty in the mundane. She creates her art by going around in her neighborhood and taking videos and pictures of her surroundings. Then she adds new digital elements on top of it in order to create magic in her everyday life. She wants to encourage people do seek enchantment in their days.

Schlossberg’s work includes narrative shorts, experimental videos and data visualizations for clients including Patagonia, Planned Parenthood, MoMA, The Nature Conservancy and the New York Times. In 2022, Schlossberg co-founded the woman-owned studio Two Toes Creative, which strives to embrace the absurd and wonderfully unexplainable parts of human existence. Schlossberg experiments in a wide variety of mediums – she regularly scores her visual work with original compositions, produces an independent magazine called “The Eliditarian” and is currently working on a collection of short fiction.


Tala Schlossberg