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Stéphane Pogran is a digital artist who has long worked in the production of animated films. Today, he returned to his original passions, those he had put in brackets at the end of his Master of Arts in Plastic and Art Sciences (Université Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne): creation, painting, mathematics and algorithms. He works on the creation of 2D and 3D works, sometimes frozen, sometimes in motion.

All of Stéphane’s creations are the result of computer applications written in a programming language. It predefined rules that it combines differently with each new creation. He plays with constants and variables, but also willingly leaves his place to chance, an essential element in creation. Indeed, it is this part given to the hazard that allows him to always find himself in a position of surprise and discovery vis-à-vis his own work. Each of his works constitutes in his eyes the result of a study or a more global constant quest, each work calling for other declinations. It finds its inspiration mainly in nature and its plural variations, mathematics, sciences, multiple systems and possibilities.


Stéphane Pogran