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Ross Hardy is a visual artist who works and lives in Pittsburgh. His work is halfway between traditional painting and digital animation. He is indeed very influenced by the aesthetics of computer-generated art and animation of the early 1990s, but also by abstract colorist painters. After receiving his BFA in painting and his BSA in graphic design from the California University of Pennsylvannia, he developed his own style by creating large atmospheric paintings by intuitive movements, thereby merging his two artistic passions.

While all his works create the illusion of physical paintings in the first place, the kinetic dimension that Ross breathes into them dismantles the presuppositions of traditional painting, which is now being transformed and brought to life. In this way, he manages to create a real feeling of movement and rotation in the work and for his spectator. To realize his works, this amazing artist is able to work both with oil painting and on a very wide range of software allowing him to create the illusion of infinite movement, textures and atmospheric qualities that he could not have created otherwise.


Ross Hardy

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