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Rory Scott is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is known for its use of patterns, glitter and resemblance to the Universe. Through digital and artisanal means, Rory explores the notions of impermanence, the time that passes and the impact of technology on the evolution of humanity. Through recorded thoughts and sounds and the use of retro science fiction images, her work confronts and reconciles the passage of time by juxtaposing the old and the new. The predominance of patterns in her work draws parallels between the existence of patterns in nature and in the rhythm of our thoughts and lives. The illustration of the repetition creates a shape over time. Using the passage of time as a medium, she has spent the last seven years assembling, building and deconstructing elements that will be used in 60 short films detailing her past and current life.

"What defines a human being better than impermanence? This is what we all have in common but are reluctant to share. I hope that when people look at my work, they feel a connection to me and our shared time-travel experience."


Rory Scott