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Richard Vigniel is a French artist who was passionate about digital images from an early age. He quickly put his computer skills at the service of artistic creation. The adventure really begins at the turn of the 2000s, when he discovers a music software generating images to the rhythm of sound. He then decided to develop his own toolbox to create images on demand. Since then, he has regularly evolved in response to new technologies and her artistic sensibilities. This application became his brush. Each work is the result of an original assembly of color filters, algorithms, transformations and settings applied to an initial image or created from scratch. Depending on the filters used, the final result can vary radically, ranging from an image with psychedelic accents to highly structured shapes. The tones of colors jostle and intertwine.

After various exhibitions since 2011 in France and the canton of Geneva, he exhibited in February 2019 in the Inkgallery gallery, "rue de la Corraterie", as well as at the Lausanne International Contemporary Art Fair in May 2019. He regularly appears at "Fashion & Fashion" and "Artistic Afterworks" parties organized by Monada in Geneva.


Richard Vigniel

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