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Rafael Hernandez (fictoris) is a self-taught artist living in Puerto Rico. He multiplies the techniques to express his emotions: pencil, programming, painting... but also 3D sculptures, video art, interactive pieces. He also uses technologies such as augmented reality, and thus transforms some of his works (drawing or painting) into a virtual experience. In this type of work, Rafael goes beyond the plastic arts, transforming not only the materials but also the perception of reality as if it were a material. This artist uses time, electrical signals and even waves. He creates wireless interfaces that generate data becoming an invisible raw material for creation.

Fictoris participates in numerous competitions and exhibitions, both for fixed and recorded work and for performance. For example, he participated in the Sérum Light Festival (Samorín, SK), is exhibited at the School of Creative Media, Gallery 360 in Hong Kong, ç la MŰTŐ Gallery (Budapest, HU), White Night (Košice, SK), BYOB (Roxy, Prague, CZ) and the Interférence festival.

Puerto Rico