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Overlap is a collective created by Michael Denton & Anna McCrickard. They explore the relationship between still and moving images in the representation of diverse landscapes. The collective has thus developed a way to combine imagery with a musical and pictorial logic rather than narrative and conceptual. It is known for its atmospheric audiovisual performances, installations and limited editions. Overlap has also presented audiovisual ensembles in the world of art and music and has accompanied bands like The Chemical Brothers, Deadmau5 and NYPC with their live visuals (VJing). They have released several albums and EPs, available online, frequently collaborating with musician and producer Andy Dragazis.

Their works refer to the multiple image shots of Richard Dadd’s Fairy Feller’s Masterstroke. Simultaneously romantic and analytical, their aesthetics are built by a system, with added veils and repeated patterns. Like a favourite walk, the repetition and variation of their works offer a cyclic depth to which we constantly return… The collective’s work has already been projected around the world, from Beijing to Budapest, Hong Kong, London, Florida and many other places.



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