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Osman Koç is a San Francisco-based artist and technologist who uses creative coding, computer science and digital technology to create works at the intersection of art, science and technology. It creates audiovisual performance, responsive and immersive environments and interactive installations by incorporating various sensors and display technologies. He also develops custom software to visualize behaviors and movements inspired by the natural sciences. The abstract nature of his visuals aims to be familiar enough to arouse recognition and foreign enough to give way to interpretation.

Osman co-founded Iskele47 (one of Istanbul’s first makerspaces) and taught courses on creative coding and design of physical interactions at HBKSaar (Germany) and Yeditepe University (Turkey). He is co-founder of the audio-visual trio NOS Visuals, a parametric architecture collective. His works have already been exhibited around the world at Ars Electronica, the Signal Festival, the Todaysart Festival, the Carnegie Museum of Arts, the Computer History Museum, the National Museum of China… He has also worked as a creative technologist on numerous projects for multinational brands such as Unity3D, Adidas, IBM, HP, Salesforce, Capital One and Microsoft.


Osman Koç