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NOCELLCOVERAGE is an artist and designer focused on the emergence of technology with the natural world. The artist explores the boundary of the digital and material worlds, often using elements of both in his practice. For example, the artist uses photography of real-life natural elements, combined with his experience in 2D and 3D software, experimentations in Artificial Intelligence, the blockchain, and even physical sculpture, to produce his works. In so doing, the physical and virtual realms reference one another; the digital works become an archive, embedded into the blockchain, of the real flowers, insects, rocks, and other elements that NOCELLCOVERAGE employs in his practice.

NOCELLCOVERAGE has been featured in multiple exhibitions and press outlets, including but not limited to: Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Lovers Magazine, 1st Dibs, This Is Paper Magazine, Blackdove Miami Peace Project, and more.