Nina Nayko (Nini Kachakhidze) is a 24 year old photographer and content creator. She was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her art is highly influenced by the city she lives in and the other places she has been to in Georgia. She loves capturing the atmosphere of her country, as it really has various beautiful nature, and many different types of architecture. Every time she goes for a walk she always find something new to explore. Her surroundings gives her the material that she loves to photograph.

In her childhood, she used to notice and appreciate all the little details around her, seeing compositions, and she wanted everyone else to see what she saw, because she got positive energy from it. When she was 13, she was first introduced to a tablet which could take photos, so her interest in photography started from there. she fell in love with taking photos, editing them and sharing it to others. She loves to capture each special moment and cherish them forever, and her photography has also developed the main ideology, she wanted to teach others to see the way she does, because we all need something that will have a spark in our lives and make us happy, these can be achieved with little things like simply observing and noticing beauty or interesting compositions in our surroundings.


Nina Nayko

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